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Monday, September 2, 2013

ESC: Xtreme Contrail

Engine Sound Creations has released their contrails addon for FS9 and FSX at SimMarket. They proudly presents, according to themselves, the most realistic contrail effect for FS2004 and FSX. This new enhanced contrail effect will bring your flying experience to a new level.

I still fly my FSX with Contrails Pro by Flightsim Tools and was quite happy with it until now. Looking at these screenshots I believe it's time to change to the ESC addon. In my opinion it all looks just a little better. Sorry Flightsim Tools, you just got defeated.

More info and features here at SimMarket.


  1. If you like BIG BLACK BOXES as contrails, this is the addon for you. Don't like it? Uninstalling it will delete your original FSX contrails!

  2. nice BLACK BOXES .....thanks

  3. No black boxes here...maybe you should contact the developer about the issue, and maybe it was wise to back up your cfg file or create a restore point before installing addons like most developers recommend.

  4. I have the contrails installed as well, no problemo whatsoever. You have a capable pc and/or graphics card? All addons show differently on many different spec machines.

  5. Maybe you should play with your settings to get it right. I use it, no problem here.

  6. just rename the "fx_xtremecontrail_option.bmp" to "fx_xtremecontrail_part4.bmp" it works fine for me now

    If you want to rollback, just Google "FSX Gauges Recovery" it will restore the original FX_ files.

  7. If you installed the first released version, v1.00 then you get black boxes...its only when the dev brought out a fix, v1.10, did it fix the black boxes. no need to play with settings or restore because v 1.00 was flawed. you all must have bought yours after the problem was fixed. many people had the black some of the reviews.

    On another note, the contrails are to short AND if you look from tower view the short contrails will become NO contrails in a matter of seconds...POOF...GONE you also cannot see your aircraft in tower view.

    I am now using the free REX contrails and am very pleased with them. I hope esc can improve their product.