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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

FTX Global V1.1 Patch WIP

The guys over at FTX are working on a small V1.1 patch for FTX Global which mainly focuses on further improvements to the 3D lighting system (DX9 only until Steve Parson's tool is released). Furthermore FTX is going to address the "green desert" issues in SW USA as well since it has caused quite a stir.

Here are 2 example screenshots including some intersection congestion lights and with bloom on, which looks spectacular in motion!


Patch 1.1 will include:

- Lights now 140% brighter
- Better FPS again through model and texture optimisation
- Now vector roads don't use .fx for much better FPS on vectors
- Denser vector lighting, now 100% density versus 75%
- Added intersection congestion traffic brake lights

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