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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Aeroworx: Southern Africa Landclass & Terrain FSX

Aeroworx has released freeware Southern Africa Landclass and Terrain scenery for FSX.

Land class for Southern Africa, consist of Land class tiles for most parts of Southern African countries south of the Equator. The Land class for Southern Africa was created by using Satellite imagery and knowledge of the area and then applying the nearest suitable LC tile to that area. Scenery consist of coastlines, rivers, dams, streams, roads, traffic, railroads, power lines and extrusion bridges for Southern Africa countries South of the Equator. The scenery was design by utilizing Satellite image backgrounds.

This scenery  will be needed with release of future scenery by Aeroworx.

Downloadlinks via Avsim: Landclass - Terrain Features

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